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    Bulky household items/f​urniture

    • List the items you will be placing out for the pick-up:
    • Please ensure that the items listed can be picked up by the City. Remember that the following items will not be collected:
    • Bags of rubbish (food scraps etc.); building waste and materials e.g. bricks, rubble, dirt, piping, roofing panels, doors, plaster board, gyprock, tiles, girders; paints or chemicals; motor oil or cooking oil; car parts, car batteries; floor tiles; timber, fencing or wooden pallets; hazardous materials e.g. flammable liquids, oil, poisons; fluorescent lights; tree stumps or branches thicker than 10cm


    Your d​etails


    Collection p​oint

    • To help us locate your booked items, please provide more details such as the name of the lane or street where they will be left. For example, next to the roller door in front of 1 Sydney Street, Sydney.


    Preparation for c​ollection

    • Separate mattresses and metal items such as whitegoods from your large household items because they are picked up by different trucks.
    • Protect young children by either tying or taping fridge/oven doors closed (this avoids the risk of suffocation).
    • Wrap and label sharp or dangerous items like mirrors and glass.
    • Cut large rugs into 1m lengths, roll and tie them with string or tape. Large rugs, carpet and mats jam our compactors.
    • Put small items into boxes – loose materials won’t be picked up.
    • Keep your collection to 1 cubic metre per booking, or 4 cubic metres for apartments.
    • Make sure all items (except whitegoods) are less than 1.5m long and 100kg.
    • Don’t block pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle access when putting items out.
    • Put your items out the night before collection – if you put them out earlier, they might be considered illegally dumped.

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    • Privacy & Personal Information Protection Notice
      Purpose of Collection: For delivery of waste and recycling services
      Intended recipients: Officers of the Council of the City of Sydney
      Supply: While the supply of information is voluntary, insufficient information may result in your application not being processed.
      Access/Correction: Council officers or Government Information (Public Access) Act Requests
      Storage: Council's Records Management Systems and Archives.