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We provide a free pick-up service for large household items and white goods every week for City of Sydney local residents. Collection days depend on where you live and bookings are essential.

Find out more about what we can and cannot collect and how to prepare items for collection..

For items we cannot collect, we provide e-waste and chemical drop-offs.

If you live in an apartment building and have an onsite building manager, please refer your request for collection to your building manager.

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Residential address

Cancel or change your booking

If you have previously booked a pick-up at this address but need to change or cancel the booking:
- Please enter the reference number (looks like OBG0012345) from your confirmation message
- To change details of a pick-up you will need to cancel the old booking then continue to make a new booking

Pick-up location


We pick-up

  • Mattresses of any size and condition
  • Mattresses of any type such as foam, latex and futon
  • Ensemble bed bases

We don't pick up

  • Bed frames and slats (wooden or metal)
  • Bed heads

Bulky household items

We pick-up

  • Furniture (cupboards, desks, tables, drawers, book cases, shelving, chairs, sofas/lounges, wardrobes)
  • Bed frames, cots
  • Rugs, mats (small),
  • Garden and outdoor furniture
  • Garden waste, bundled and tied
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Suitcases
  • Strollers, toys, cots, baby seats
  • E-waste including televisions, computers, stereos, printers, gaming consoles, DVD players
  • Kitchen items including crockery, pots and pans, utensils
  • Small metal appliances including kettles, heaters, irons, toasters, blenders, coffee machines, ironing boards and fans

We don't pick-up

  • Bags of rubbish, including food scraps
  • Building waste and materials. For example, bricks, rubble, dirt, piping, roofing panels, doors, plaster board, gyprock, tiles, girders
  • Hazardous materials. For example flammable liquids, oils, poisons, paints, oil, poisons or chemicals
  • Motor oil or cooking oil
  • Car parts, car batteries
  • Carpet, carpet off-cuts, floor tiles
  • Timber, fencing or wooden pallets
  • Milk or bread crates
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Tree stumps or branches thicker than 10cm
  • Loose garden waste
  • Soil or potting mix

Metal Household Items

We pick up

  • All metal BBQs (BBQs attached to a wooden frame must be taken apart and the frame booked as a bulky household item)
  • Heaters, hot water systems
  • Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens
  • Refrigerators – doors must be removed
  • Metal shelving, filing cabinets
  • Lawnmowers – must be empty of fuel and oil
  • Gym equipment e.g. bicycles, exercise bikes, treadmills, weight benches, trampolines
  • Metal tables, steel ladders
  • Ironing Boards

We don’t pick up

  • Car parts, car batteries
  • Gas bottles
  • Other solid metal items
  • Building materials e.g. roofing panels, metal doors/frames, girders
  • Hazardous materials e.g. flammable liquids, oils, poisons
  • Keep your collection to 1 cubic metre per booking, or 4 cubic metres for apartments.
  • Make sure all items (except metal goods) are less than 1.5m long and 100kg.